About us

IMG_2145Fun club Fortuna

Is a low doorstep club, which was officially found in 2009. It was established thanks to Bratislava municipality that granted us the premises. Currently Fun Club Fortuna seats in a basement of social rest named Fortuna situated at Agatova street 1/A (Bratislava-Dubravka). Our parent organization is Community of friends of children from orphanages – Smile as a gift (in Slovak Usmev ako dar).

Through contact work combined with leasure time activities the volunteers strive to create an environment appropriate for active enjoying of free time, enhancing of social and life capabilities and to help youngsters between 2 and 18 years. Such an youth spent the most of their free time at the hallways of the social rest Fortuna.

DSC07808The main aim of low doorstep activities

It is our intention to provide youth with space and safe place where they can develop talent and tension hey dispose. We try to set up an environment suitable for relax and motion and by doing so pull them out of unstimulating and boring ambient of social rest Fortuna.

The volunteers working for Fun Club Fortuna consummated many fantastic free-time activities during 2012. Together we “worked” 723 hours, the doors of Fun Club Fortuna opened 86 times with 1489 children. At this time circa 60 youngers attend Fun Club Fortuna free time activities organised by the volunteers.

004-dakujeme-vianoce-pribeh9_foto_tomas_halasz_facebookWe are here only for children 4 days per week and together strive to:

- help with difficult situation they might face,
- restrain discrimination and social exclusion,
- help to enforce the rights and interests of the youth,
- prevent social-pathological phenomen – drugs, alcohol, sex, truancy, crime committing,
- enhance relations between parents and children in the community,
- educate of volunteering and low doorstep activities