Organization Smile as a gift

new_logo.epsOrganization Smile as a gift is:

  • the oldest and the biggest voluntary non-governmental organization for support of the children living in Children’s houses.,
  • civic association with nationwide coverage
  • registered by Ministry of Interior,
  • provider of social prevention and social advisory – registered by Ministry of Labor, Social affairs and Family of SR, number: 503/200-I/52,
  • provider of selected activities of social-legal protection, registered by Ministry of LSAaF SR, number: 12/2002-I/52.4,
  • Holder of accreditation of Ministry of Education SR for educational activities, training program PRIDE, number: 1500/2514/2002/190/1.

Our Vision

That every child would have own family…related or substitutional.  

Our Mission

During the existence of Organization, it went from process of creating goals, forms, activities, structures and human resources. Due to this fact began the ambition to give a chance to children in Ordered Institutional care and endangered children to live worthy and full-value life. We want to build up a safe and permanent environment of human background and love. We help them to prepare on independent life.

Special attention we give to searching adoptive parents. We provide them qualified and professional advisory and we accompany parents by our unique whole-life Program PRIDE. 

We want to go the way of connecting and cooperation with people, who are interested in helping children from Children’s houses, adoptive families and families in crisis. It is very important to make systematical steps to fulfill our vision together.


Spoločnosť priateľov detí z detských domovov Úsmev ako dar

Ševčenkova 21
851 01 Bratislava

02 /638 15 208-9

Bank data: Sberbank Slovensko, a.s., č.ú.: 4040 029 105/3100IČO: 173 165 37
DIČ: 2020919615
Legal form: Občianske združenie, Civic association
Register:  MV SR, VVS/1-900-90-3743